Semicircles Peer Advisory Groups 2019

“Birds of a feather flock together . We’re all in the same boat. Great minds think alike. While just figures¬† of speech to some, they reflect a simple truth–it’s the company we keep that often determines¬† the level of personal growth and professional success we achieve in life. Business leaders exchange information and ideas. They network to make deals and build partnerships. They work together to optimize best practices, and they reach out to leaders outside their companies to accelerate growth. Simply put, CEOs and business leaders provide value to one another that they can’t find anywhere else.” – Power of Peers

  • Quarterly meetings for NAWBO members only
  • Confidential and small group discussions
  • Content targeted to you and the phase of your business
  • 3-hour meeting with networking and 2 topic discussions

If interested in joining a semicircle – please contact the board liaison for your group to discuss further details .

Solopreneur – Those business women working in their business with no employees Valerie Vaughn

Start Ups – Those business women in the first 3 years of business Kimberly Kelly

Growth Mode – Those businesses in the 500,000 to 999,000 range that are geared for growth Stephanie Sage

Enterprise – Those businesses with 1,000,000 or more in revenue Julie Towner